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Introducing 'Hot Pudding'! This is a beat-tape I put together around the start of Summer, consisting of a bunch of brand new productions, some re-edited remix beats and a few other exclusive treats that won't be available elsewhere. It's a 60 minute project, with a warmth and comfort of a good old fashioned bowl of hot pudding. There are also some headfuck drums for sprinkles. I very much hope you enjoy!

For the physical release, I have 100 cassettes ready to go, which will be issued on a strictly first come, first served basis. You can order more than one of course, but within reason- I'd probably have to stop after like 5 copies or so, but eh, we'll see. I just want to make sure everyone gets a copy who wants one.

The cassette version will come with a free download of the digital version- I know that not everyone has tape players these days, so you'll still be able to rock the audio files from the Bandcamp page.

Frequent, Coarse / Steamer Trunk / Dead In The Whip / Crowd Work / Freeway, On Fire / Full Shoulder Shrug / Merrill Lynch Mob Deep (Beat) / Dimplecooch Interlude / Ultrapelham (live) / Goldbach's Conjecture / Sweet Butter / Punksuckle / Apartment Grease / Burny / We Good?

Drum Sect / Embarcadero / 808 Recurring / Assemble Your Crew / Afeared / Glawsse / [Drink] Yr Milkshake / Hide Your Things / Curb Appeal / Hum Along Summer

I have to send out a huge shout and mass amounts of love to my good friend Andy Baker, who handled all the artwork involved in this from the main cover to the cassette labels to the sticker. Andy is incredible! Hit him up!


Thanks so much folks, you're the best. Thanks for passing by.

"...keep feeding you. And feeding you. And feeding you. And feeding you. And feeding you. And feeding you. And feeding you. And feeding you. And feeding you..."

- Buddy Peace

*** DIGITAL VERSION available from:

Released 20 August 2012
Buddy Peace (music - edits/programming/cuts/master)
Andy Baker (artwork/design direction)

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